Our Story

We at Rococo Dog came to realize how much our little Havanese, Kokomo and Twinkie, relish the idea of moving through their world in lush garments of fine quality and gorgeously embellished fabrics. So we proceeded to design them a wardrobe of just such extravagant and fashionable pieces. As the fabrics are cut and styled to fit, it seems that Kokomo and Twinkie become imbued with that special aura of royalty.

The designs can come from any number of influences, from the most practical of considerations to the most insanely ornate. This exceptional attire is created from an infinite array of materials, both natural and man-made. We source the most exotic silks, beading and trims available to make each piece a work of art that is hand-crafted with the utmost attention to detail. When it comes to seeing the reaction to these finished pieces out in the world it is impossible to describe the joy that others experience upon seeing these little creatures so attired. Kokomo and Twinkie are literally mobbed with attention, which they love. 

So, Kokomo and Twinkie ultimately decided to share their happy situation with all of their little canine friends, knowing there are millions of little dogs in the world who are tired of wearing run of the mill puppy clothes and want to wear stylish and fashionable clothing with flair and detail. Please join us in our crusade to bring more smiles to the world and adorn your special pet with Rococo flair!