Beaded Delight

Product Description

This is an event outfit if ever there was one. Just watch your little darling steal the show in this embroidered silk jacket set off with a lush fringe of beads that move with sparkle and grace around the shoulders. The diamond quilted upper collars give added depth and dimension while a border of rich silk stripes finish the bottom of this uniquely tailored jacket. And if you're one of those who like to plan early for those sparkling holiday parties, this is a garment your furry darling will glitter in for a truly royal entrance.


The special nature of the fabrics and elements used in this garment require dry cleaning only.

A portion of the collar needs to be detached at the snaps when you send this garment to the dry cleaners. Simply snap the collar back on the garment when it returns from the cleaners. This preserves the integrity of the materials in this garment not suitable for cleaning.